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Item No.: GEM-001
size: 21x5cm
weight: 40g
packing: 200pcs/ctn

Product Description

Gel eye mask use instruction

For cold

Helps relieve fatigue, tension and pain of headaches and hangovers.

Soothes and alleviates swollen puffy eyes.

Refrigerate for 60 minutes or place in the freezer for 10-20minutes.

For sensitive skin, place cloth between mask and face. May be stored in the

refrigerator ready for use. Do not store in freezer too long

For hot

Helps relieve the pain of swollen sinus and nasal passages due to cold and allergies.

For warm application immerse in hot(not boiling)water for about 5 minutes.

And warm in microwave for 10-20seconds. It is important to test the mask

before applying to the face. Do not place in boiling water too long!

Caution: Do not place it directly on skin after boiling in water and chilling in freezer.

Do not puncture